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Montreal Wedding photographer and Video, Pacifica captures emotion-filled images of your wedding day. The big moments and the little candid moments in between.


Top questions to ask a wedding photographer before hiring ...

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Top questions to ask a wedding photographer before hiring ...

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Looking to hire a wedding photographer ? you might want to consider the following criterias before regretting your decision.

1) Can he/she back up his/her years of experience claims.  Ask other vendors if they ever heard of this photographer, often they will vouch for their experience in the industry.

2) During their sales pitch session ask them to show you multiple weddings, if they can only show you one client it's a tell-tale sign that they are inexperienced.

3) What's their plan in case of rain. Here in Montreal the weather changes quickly we never know what the weather situation will be. 

4) This might be a little overwhelming for a couple, however ask what type of lenses the photographer has in their arsenal. Different lenses will give a different look to pictures, each has a creative function .Some photographers have a go-to lenses they love and rarely use their other lenses. Some photographers constantly change lenses out to achieve different affects on certain poses.

5) Does the photographer shoot RAW or JPEG ? When shooting in a Jpeg format image information is compressed and lost. Because no information is compressed with RAW higher quality images are produced, as well as allowing to correct problem images that would be unrecoverable if shot in the JPEG format.

6) Before giving you the images, are they processed ( color corrected )  Some do , some don't. It will depend on the price point. Be aware that if you are paying a premium that it should include image processing at the least.

7) Ask them if they are willing to spend a little time before the wedding for a casual photo session. This will help the photographer gage the couple's chemistry, It's not crucial however it demonstrate the amount of dedication the photographer has for the craft.