Jewish Wedding Photography in Montreal

Jewish Wedding Photography in Montreal

Planning a Jewish wedding for yourself, a family member or friends requires the right people to assure every facet proceeds with precision. Typically, weddings are simply composed of a rehearsal followed by a dinner, then a ceremony followed by a reception. On the other hand, traditional Jewish weddings have particular ceremonies that are not common in the traditional versions.

We know the specifics of a Jewish wedding ceremony particulars and being a professional Montreal wedding photographer and cinematography company for decades, rest assured we will take care of arranging your event in Montreal. Pacifica Productions also specializes in weddings, Bar Mitzvahs, Sweet Sixteen ceremonies, maternity and newborn sessions, baptisms, family pictures as well as other special events. 

Our wedding studio takes pride in our skill, creativity, and knowledge to capture unique and once-in-a-lifetime moments. We are proud to show and display these through our photographs and videos. We have been in the industry since 1983 and we continue to provide quality services to all our valued Montreal clients even to the point of catered from one generation to the next in a single family. 

Montreal is the most populous municipality in Quebec and the Jewish community in Montreal has a population of more than 90,700 in Hampstead and Côte Saint-Luc areas alone. With a population that constitutes such a substantial part of the major population and the highest number of Jewish community growth at 109,480 largely in 1971, we have had extensive experience with all aspects of Jewish ceremonies and will serve yours with the utmost care and respect.

There are so many unique and special moments that fill a Jewish wedding day, all of which make for great photo memories in years to come. Of these many elements in the Jewish wedding, it is crucial to have an experienced photographer to capture each moment with passion. With our consistent networking, we have maintained quality contacts with award-winning international videographers and photographers that assist in our service to capture every possible angle. 

It is important to find someone that you can trust and knows all the important and key moments to capture in your special event. Our team is devoted and passionate about recreating your most memorable moments. 

Through the years, we at Pacifica Productions have become very knowledgeable in the field of Jewish Wedding Photography. Over the years we have had the honor of producing photos for a vast majority of the Jewish weddings in our area and managed to continue to find new and creative ways to capture each special moment. Please feel free to check out our photo examples of moments we have had the privilege and opportunity to be a part of photographing over the years. 



Jewish Wedding Traditions

In the traditional Jewish Wedding, there are special ceremonies that are performed all throughout the event. These ceremonies are religious and spiritual, and filled with so much candid and emotional moments. 

One special moment is the Ketubah Signing, which we find to be one of the greatest moments to photograph. This private and intimate moment is shared between the bride and groom with their closest family and friends. During the Ketabuh we take pride in our unique style of taking wide-angle shots and close up photos, capturing the smiles and emotional candid moments of the ceremony. 

Details of the Yamakas are also very important, along with the wine challis for the Kiddushin, and the moment the couples’ parents wrap them around with the Tallis. Another orthodox practice is the Chuppah, which is considered to be an integral part of the Jewish Wedding ceremony. This is where the two become one. 

The Chuppah is a beautiful and symbolic structure which also makes for a beautiful backdrop as it often filters the sunlight. This helps in creating stunning family portraits and artistic couples’ portraits as well.

Jewish Wedding Reception Photography

There are many exciting moments that could happen during the wedding reception. It is our job to anticipate and make sure that we capture each of these moments. Our team focuses on both the bride and groom as well as any of the persons giving speeches for the new couple. This way we get to capture the reactions and emotions while someone shares their wonderful experience with the couple, or even if someone is just plainly cracking a joke. 

Our cameras are ready to capture those tears rolling down faces during those emotional speeches, as well as all the dance floor moves that make the event so special. Our goal is to capture every moment to showcase the story of the wedding reception through our cameras. 

The blessing of the Challah bread during the reception is a serious and intimate part of the Jewish wedding. This is done before the start of the party. An elder of the family or a rabbi will pray and bless the bread, cuts it and then takes a bite. The bread is then cut into pieces and taken to each table, so each person can partake.

The upbeat and most exciting part of the Jewish wedding traditions is the Hora Dance. The guests link their hands and dance in a circle around or with the bride and groom. Anyone can enjoy this joyous dance. 

Family members of all ages can join in the traditional Hora dance circle. All of these generations of family and friends dancing in joyous celebration of the new couple’s union make for a some of the best and most loved photo opportunity that we at Pacifica Productions enjoy capturing on film.


Jewish Wedding Cinematography

We have the same approach to our photography as we capture in our cinematography storytelling. We are passionate about creating an on-screen love story for every client’s wedding. We consider it an art that requires creativity, skill, and knowledge of the latest ideas and trends in film. We take into great consideration the love story of the two individuals that make up this couple union as we create a personalized and appropriate cinematic telling through the camera lens. Our concepts and ideas are centered on the couple’s journey together We are also open and enjoy the exploration of new ideas from couples who want to do it their own different way.  

Our style is clean, creative, and cutting-edge. Let us show you our studio in Montreal. When you are looking for a Jewish Wedding Photographer, we will show you the best in photograph and cinematography through our albums, and photography products. 

If you want to see more, we also provide additional information and samples of our work on our website  where the majority of our cinematic and still photos are on display to view at your leisure. Give us a call to schedule a personal face to face meeting where we can get to know and tell your story through our camera lens. 

Let us discuss your wedding details and provide you with a quote. Contact us at 514-381-1451 and drop by or schedule a personal meeting in our studio, located at 2553 Henri Bourassa East, Montreal H2B 1V4.